Best Hiking Trails Near San Diego

Situated in between the mountains and the ocean, San Diego is the perfect base for hiking. With beautiful state parks, local trails and beaches to explore, there is no shortage of things to do outdoors. We created this guide to the best hiking trails near San Diego to help you plan your next outdoor adventure.


Torrey Pines Hiking trail


Torrey Pines Beach Trail

This trail is one of San Diego’s most iconic trails and it is perfect for all hikers of all levels, including children. Choose from one or all of the 6 trails as they provide sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean. 


Cuyamaca Peak Loop

Cuyamaca Peak Loop is located in Descanso, just 74 miles from Southern California Beach Club. This 7.7 mile trail has one of the highest peaks in San Diego County and is a great trek for all levels. 


Cowels Mountain

Cowels Mountain is considered one of San Diego’s most popular hikes. This moderate hike is a short 3 mile loop leading you to the highest peak in San Diego County.


Iron Mountain

Iron Mountain trail is located near Poway, just 14 miles from Southern California Beach Club. This 5.2 mile trail features a challenging ascent leading to panoramic views. Although the incline may be tricky, the downhill can be even more tricky. We recommend bringing appropriate hiking boots and trekking sticks. 


Three Sisters Falls Trails

This 4.1 mile trail starts off downhill into the canyon featuring multiple waterfalls, then an uphill on your return. Depending on the weather, make sure to bring your swimsuit to take a dip to cool off. 


Potato Chip Rock

Potato Chip Rock is considered one of the more difficult trails in San Diego County with a 2,000+ ft. elevation change. Those who are brave enough for this challenging uphill hike will run into a uniquely shaped “potato chip” rock at the end of the trail. This is the perfect spot to pose and snap your photos so you can boast about your conquest! 


Now it is time to kick off those hiking boots and treat yourself to some relaxation at Southern California Beach Club! Book today to begin your adventure!


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